NPA Lab | 2021


Scrapbook for the Future


Donna Mitchell

A graduate from Winchester College of Art and Plymouth University, sculptor Donna Mitchell uses found and scavenged materials to build weird world-appropriations gleaned from their environment.

Daniel H Bell

Daniel H Bell is an artist working in sculpture, drawing and animation. He has an MA in Digital Practices from Norwich University of the Arts and a BA in Fine Art from Glasgow School of Art. His work uses anthropomorphism to explore ideas of life, death and decay, creating objects and places where different worlds combine.

Mandeep Dillon

Mandeep Dillon had a former career as a creative director and documentary producer. She now works in sculpture, video, and collage. She completed an MA at the Royal College of Art in 2019. Her art practice draws on a personal malaise to explore iniquities imposed on the human and animal body and to consider its fragility, vulnerability, and ultimate mortality.

Mitchell x Bell x Dillon

‘Scrapbook for the Future’ (2021)


We have started making a scrapbook together, intuitively combining the imagery at the heart of each of our practices. Through an ongoing conversation and sharing of ideas and impulses, distinct correlations have begun to form naturally. This is the start of a collaboration, one which possess its own momentum – an envelope emptying out, with images scattering and combining. These are lingering moments, uncanny glimpses, things unfinished or forgotten. This film is the beginning of the scrapbook, and a pattern that perhaps began to form many years before we even met.