NPA Lab | 2022


Peer to Peer Mentoring – Group 3


Rhianna Catt

Rhianna Catt works with an autoethnographic approach, exploring ideas through symbolism. She specifically enjoys exploring the symbolism of different forms of nature which reflect her own experiences. Through primarily intaglio techniques, she combines photographic and more abstract techniques to use the work as a mirror to reflect an experience back on them in hope of understanding, changing the narrative and creating change.


Melanie Jordan

Melanie Jordan’s textural, haptic work shines a light on the ambivalence of motherhood; informed by being a mother of an adult with a learning disability, where the mother-child relationship becomes stuck in a dependent phase.

Reflections on peer to peer mentoring

Being paired with someone I was unfamiliar with gave an edge that pushed me out of my comfort zone. Rhianna’s way of working focuses on detail and accuracy. It made me consider how I might incorporate a greater degree of precision into my intuitive process. Rhianna’s thoughts and perspective was invaluable, especially as I normally work alone in my studio. Her noting that my
sculpture resembled legs rather than scissors was an eye opener for me. I subsequently focused on refining the form.