NPA Lab | 2020

Liz Elton


Liz Elton is an artist who employs time related narratives, vegetable dyes and compostable materials to consider our relationship with landscape and waste.

Aimée Magee


Aimée Magee is a Belfast based artist who’s practice is inspired by the hidden instability of symbolism in history, politics, mysticism and folklore.  She was shortlisted for the Clyde & Co Art Award in 2016 – 2017. 

Aimée Magee

‘Newspaper Trousers’ (2018)

Newspaper, London Evening Standard

“My practice is inspired by the hidden instability of symbolism in history, politics, mysticism and folklore. I specialise in sculptural installation and storytelling. Using eco-friendly materials such as newspaper, bread and repurposed textiles, I play with the symbols inherit in them, while using traditional craft methods to subvert their meaning. I aim to highlight positive environmental impact. This gives the work an ephemeral physicality, drawing correlations with natural life cycles. Permanence is added to my work through film and documentation.”

Aimée Magee

‘Figure in motion’ (2015)

Newspaper, London Evening Standard

“The lab has been a great experience and it was especially helpful to get to chat with Liz Elton. Liz gave some great advice on creating your own opportunities by writing your own project proposals and sending them to others(e.g. to festivals), curating a show, reaching out locally to non-art spaces to show your work (e.g. the theatre, shop windows and cafes),  and keeping in touch with art world contacts by sending a regular newsletter. Also, if you have a project you believe in its worthwhile approaching artists you think relevant to be involved even if you don’t know them personally – if you’ve researched them and the project is appropriate, they may well be delighted to be asked.”

Aimee Magee

‘Bread Skull’ (2015)

Flour, water, oil, salt (37 x 20 x 25cm)

Aimée Magee is a Belfast based artist and works from Pollen Studios and Gallery. She holds a BA in Fine Art Sculpture from Wimbledon College of Art, part of which she also conducted studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. She has a passion for community arts and has been engaged in projects with her local Carnival school and co-founded the experimental community arts project ArtsFest, providing a free platform for artists at any stage of their career as a cross-border initiative.

Liz Elton

‘Fields’ (2018)

Water miscible oil on compostable cornstarch

Liz Elton is an artist based in London.  She employs time related narratives, vegetable dyes and compostable materials to consider our relationship with landscape and waste.  Paintings such as ‘100 Harvests’, referencing research discussing compromised soil fertility, have been made on compostable food recycling bag material, which is made from crops such as corn or potatoes and produced in order to facilitate the disposal of waste food.  It is fragile and ethereal and floats like parachute silk with the movement of the air around it.  During 2020 Liz began a Lockdown Diary recording kitchen waste on its way to the compost bin.  The images are rooted in still life painting and look for a sense of potential in waste.

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Not For Love Nor Money, Conall McAteer; Clyde & Co Blank Canvas Commission 2012

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