Hebe Rut, ‘You Could Only Talk Backwards’

NPA Roundtable March 2021

art : architecture : office
inspiring creativity in the redefined workplace

Together with Assemble and BC, newplatform.art hosted a roundtable about reinventing the post-Covid workplace by designing for creativity within it. The session was moderated by Fabienne Nicholas, Head of Art Consultancy for the Contemporary Art Society, and brought together architects, artists and important players in the corporate world. The pandemic has radically altered where and how people work. This will change again when it is deemed safe to return to the workplace. That moment provides an opportunity to redefine how working spaces are used.


Fabienne Nicholas,
Cultural Placemaking Consultant

Whitney Hintz,

Liz Middleton,

Laurens Bekemans,
BC architects & studies

Bobby Read,

Jacqueline Poncelet,


Joe Halligan,

Heather Melville,

Nicolette Cavaleros,

Adriano Picinati di Torcello

Stacie McCormick,
Unit 1 Gallery

Paul Newdick,

Mark Dunhill,

For a details on the roundtable discussion, looking how to bring corporations and artists together for the benefit of all, here is our full report.

From the discussion we have put together a proposition for businesses interested in reinvigorating their workplaces. You can read it here.