Molly-Clare O’Donnell, ‘Green Man’


supporting artists at a critical time

“One of the most important reasons for providing professional development to emerging Artists lies in the significance of timing. By focusing on the period of the transition from student to Artist, following Art School or University, it ensures vital help and support is available at a vulnerable time.

This is also a time when the disruptive impact of digital technology has brought about many changes including significant new opportunities for Artists to communicate, collaborate and interact directly with the public, increasing engagement and participation alongside the means to sell their work into a wider market than hitherto.


At this time, when survival is the priority, the ability to sustain a creative practice with a measure of creative entrepreneurship is a prerequisite of success.” 

Ian Chance, Mentor Director MA Creative Entrepreneurship University of East Anglia

 “There is much expectation, confusion and consequential exploitation during the first months and years of graduation. For the emerging artist being involved in a scheme that safely springboards them into the professional world during the transitional phase is a welcomed and valued opportunity for them. 

Dr Lois Rowe, Principal, City & Guilds of London Art School

 “ really takes into account the support that graduates need at a crucial time and it will be hugely valuable in other regions of the UK. There is a clear opportunity for this to be replicated. I think fundamentally it’s a very good blueprint to take to other companies. It is also a much more reciprocal project, which I think offers a lot more for graduates and hopefully, is of benefit to their institution as well.”

Tamiko O’Brien, Principal, City & Guilds of London Art School (former)

“Thank you for all the amazing advice and information you have given us all. It has been a real pleasure to be part of the Clyde and Co / New Platform Art cohort of artists.”

Mils Bridgewater, on participating in the Clyde & Co Art Awards, 2019

 “The NPA program totally exceeded any expectations I had! The events covered all conceivable aspect of a functioning and sustaining career in the art world, but the format was informal and intimate. For a new graduate fumbling in the dark, it is absolutely priceless, and hits all the bits they don’t teach you at university.” 

Jim Patrick, on participating in the Clyde & Co Art Awards, 2019

 “This support has spurred me on after graduating. It has provided me with the spring board I needed to pursue my own passion without hesitation or querying what I am doing and why am I doing it. In essence I have been supported at the right time and in the right way.”

 Alexander Devereux, on participating in the Clyde & Co Art Awards, 2014

“Being a part of this project boosted my confidence at a crucial point in my career. It helped secure my first small solo show in London as well as a residency in Germany. The financial support has been imperative for the continued development of my practice and ideas.”

Abi Freckleton, on participating in the Clyde & Co Art Awards, 2013